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*Sunday Circle at 11 each week
*Herbal Hour with Donna Otte and Linda Marshall, Naturopaths
Every 1st Monday of the month at 6:30
*Morning Meditation
Tuesdays through Friday at 7:30
*QiGong with Mary McGrath
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10
*Recovery Meditation 
3rd Tuesdays at 6:30
*Drum Circle
2nd Wednesdays  of every month at 7
last Wednesdays of every month at 6
*Crystal Bowls at 7
*A Course in Miracles Study/Process Group
Every Thursday at 6:30
Reflective Cinema Fridays (see website for schedule)
Individual Sessions by Practitioners by appointment
 Have a peaceful night and a great day tomorrow.  Hugs
A Place of Peace is within you!  Teri
After we have mastered the winds,
the waves, the tides, and gravity,
we shall harness for God
the energies of love.
Then, for the second time
in the history of the world,
we will have discovered fire.
--- Teilhard de Chardin
Rev. Teri Kierbel


Retreats - Couples, ACIM, Women, Spiritual Centering 




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                               Buy 2 sessions




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             for you friend or family member


 ($80 for 60m. and the first session with 2 practitioners)












We believe in a team approach to managing a wide variety of pain issues. This requires your commitment to your wellbeing, and a series of treatments in a short time frame with a team of practitioners and a variety of modalities. Each session may involve one to three therapists.








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Fridays free sessions for Down Syndrome clients


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