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Acupunture                   Dr. Shu Ping Li      (805) 494-1835

Sports Injuries    



Chiropractic                  Tristin wesenberg (805)650-9106

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Pampered Chef   

Spanish Empanadas      Amalia                 (805) 612-4935

Premier Realty              Nancy Wong         (805)729-4234

Hair salon Rebe Belle

                                   Tianna  Key           (805)643-1412

Dentistry             (805)654-0880

children's dentistry

Wool  dolls                   www.BoriDolls

Art to help the World

wildlife rehabilitation

                                  Beth                    (805) 320-2438

Cats clinic         

Ice Cream McConnell's                              (805)569-2323

Computer services       Infogrip                 (805)652-0770

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We believe in a team approach to managing a wide variety of pain issues. This requires your commitment to your wellbeing, and a series of treatments in a short time frame with a team of practitioners and a variety of modalities. Each session may involve one to three therapists.








Diana McDermott     Mary McGrath     Isabel Aoki     805-205-3422




A Place of Peace    2021 Sperry Ave   Ste 22    Ventura  Ca




Fridays free sessions for Down Syndrome clients


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